About Us

How it all started...

On a rainy afternoon on July 15, 1906, twenty-three Joplinites met to discuss establishing a new church in Joplin. A building fund was established with a $100 gift.  Just three months later, a small building was erected and 35 charter members dedicated Villa Heights Christian Church on October 29, 1906.

As the little church grew, a new building was constructed in 1930 at the present location and has undergone numerous expansions. 

Expanding the vision...

For nearly 118 years, Villa Heights has served the Joplin community by sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ. Through numerous community events, children's activities and weekly worship, thousands of people have been reached and lives changed.  

Villa Heights helps spread the Gospel message throughout the world by directly supporting 17 local and global partnerships. Through the work of Villa Heights, people are being fed, loved  and cared for both physically and spiritually.

Where we are headed...

The mission of Villa Heights Christian Church can be symbolized by the acronym SEEK.
We exist to:

S- Share Christ's Love,  
E- Evangelize to The Lost,
E- Encourage The Body,
K- Keep Christ Centered

People throughout Joplin and all over the world are still struggling. They are searching for answers to questions in their lives. The truth is that Jesus can provide these answers.  The answer is not in religion, but in a relationship.  Jesus loves you and our goal at Villa Heights is to help you experience that love!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather for Sunday School at 9:30 am and worship at 10:30 am.