The Worship Team Needs You!

Do you have some hidden talents?  
The Worship Team might be the place to let them shine! You can be the next person on the team!

Sue Richards

Do you sing like a bird or maybe an angel?  How about using that voice to praise our Lord?

Reed Richards

Sound and Video Production
Are you great with computers, microphones and sound boards? Have you directed any movies?  It doesn't matter, we will train you!

Johnny Storm

Can you play an instrument?  It doesn't matter if its the harmonica, drums, accordion or piano.  We have a place for you on the Worship Team!

Ben Grimm

Token Hipster
Every band needs a hipster. Every group needs that special person that brings heart and soul into the mix.  We need you on the Worship Team!

Your fantastic adventure awaits.
Get started today.

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