What is Your Favorite Feeling?

What's Your Favorite Feeling?

I recently read a story about Chuck Swindoll, the famous preacher and evangelist.  He was once asked:

“What’s your favorite feeling?”  

That’s an interesting question…one that is not asked a lot.  although I think sometimes we are way too wrapped up in our own feelings at the expense of others.  

But Chuck Swindoll’s answer to this question leads us into an even better story about Jesus.

So, what did he say?  What is his favorite feeling?  
After he thought about it, Swindoll said, my favorite feeling is the feeling of accomplishment.  

He explained how good it feels to him to  finish an assignment, a job, or a project.  

I think I agree with him.  I’m a list maker and I sure one of the reasons is how much I like the feeling when I can mark off items I’ve accomplished at the end of the day or week.  I also have a confession to make… I’ve been know to even put things on my list I’ve already finished, just so I can mark them off.   That’s probably a sign of a little bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The bigger or more difficult the task or  project, the greater is the sense of accomplishment when you can complete it.  I’ve been rebuilding a deck at my house and I can definitely say it will feel good to have it done.

In John 17, Jesus starts His prayer with these words, “Father, the hour has come…  That may seem like a strange way to start a prayer, but not if you are about to accomplish the most important mission in history.  

Earlier in John’s Gospel, Jesus had told his mother at the wedding feast in Cana that “my hour has not yet come…

But by the time of his prayer in John 17, the hour had arrived.  Jesus acknowledged this by continuing to pray in John 17:4 , “I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.”

This leads us to the simple but powerful words Jesus spoke just before He died on the cross, “it is finished”.  His death on the cross marked the accomplishment of an intense, life-saving mission…one with so much at stake we can’t begin to wrap our head around how hard it was and what it actually cost.  I wonder how Jesus felt to say “it is finished”.  

Scripture tells us that after saying this, Jesus bowed his head and gave up his spirit.  
Whenever we remember what Jesus accomplished on the cross, we should bow our heads in prayer, remember and give thanks that Jesus completed his to-do list.  

It’s been said before that Jesus didn’t have a to- do list, he had a to die for list.  On that list was your name, my name , the name of every human being who has ever lived.  What a list…Can you start to see what a huge task Jesus accomplished?  

Each time we remember Jesus and what he did for us, we can thankfully say “Mission Accomplished.”  
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