17 Million Search the Internet for This Daily...

I read a stat this morning from investigative author Lee Strobel that is still rattling around in my head.

Strobel said that according to internet search data, every second around the clock, all over the world, some 200 people are entering a form of this question into their search engines on their phone, tablet or computer:

“Is God real?”

Two hundred people, every second, all around the world. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so that means that every day, OVER 17 MILLION PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR AN ANSWER to that question!

This statistic tells me three things:

1 - People in the world are searching for God.
They may be experiencing pain, doubt or grief and know that the answers they seek can only be found with God.

Our perverse and sinful world tries its hardest to answer their question for them by denying God and offering any number of substitutes to them. But there is something deep inside the human heart that remains unconvinced. And that’s why they still seek God.

2 - The Holy Spirit is active.
This statistic also shows me the Holy Spirit is actively nudging people toward the Lord. Maybe their internet search is the first step someone will take before talking to friend about Jesus or trying out a church.

Does it concern you that people are looking for answers about God from Google and Yahoo?  It should. With some exceptions, the odds are not good that those platforms will lead someone down the right path.

That’s why this last item is so important…
3 - We have to be ready to engage.
With so many people in the world asking about God, we need to be tuned in to conversations and interactions with the people around us.

  • Maybe when someone is depressed and wants to give up, that is a way of asking, “Is God real?” 
  • Maybe if someone shares a struggle they are having, that might be their way of asking “Is there really a God out there?”

Let’s be ready to tell them that Jesus died for their sin, was buried and rose again and lives today offering freedom, hope and love for all who put their faith in Him.

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