This will finally satisfy you...

Let me start by saying something out loud that often goes unsaid…

Every person, each of us, looks for something to satisfy our souls.

Many people only feel this on a subconscious level. They have a gnawing feeling inside or an ache or a desire that they are wanting to satisfy.

In fact, companies and advertising agencies know this and have set out to convince you they have what you desire.

They create cute commercials with catchy jingles to grab your attention and then give you big promises to convince you that they have what you need.

The commercials that really get me are all the prescription drug commercials targeted to people with heart issues, COPD or other serious problems.
Did you ever notice the people in those commercials? They are all singing, dancing and jumping around like a one-legged cat in a sandbox,

They try and make you believe, that if you just tell your doctor to give you that drug, you’ll soon be singing, dancing and jumping around too.  

The truth is that after all the colorful ads and convincing sales tactics, every product the world offers is temporary and will leave you right where you started – empty, still seeking, unsatisfied

The good news is that there is someone who loves us, and what He offers will never fade away.

The Prophet Micah had the right idea…in Micah 7:7
"But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord,
I wait for the Lord, my Savior;
My God will hear me.”

You see folks, this world will offer you everything under the sun, but what it cannot offer is lasting hope, forgiveness of sins and an abundant life both now and forever.
These things only come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

  • Jesus alone hung on the cross so that we could be freed of our sin.
  • He alone rose from the grave, defeating death and securing our eternal salvation.
  • He alone can satisfy our soul.

If you are searching for what will satisfy the desire of your soul, then look no further than Jesus.

Nothing on this earth can even compare to Him.
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