How To Get Ready for Resurrection Sunday

It's just a few more days until the biggest weekend in Christianity. You could call it the Christian Super Bowl. Are you ready? How can we get ourselves prepared?

Getting ready is a matter of preparing your head and heart for Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday. First, go to one of the Gospels and read the eye-witness account.

 Choose one or more of the following:

--Matthew 27-28
--Mark 15-16
--Luke 23-24
--John 19-20

Then think about and pray about these 4 things…

1. Jesus became alive for us. This means He became like us, only without sin. He came to give us hope, peace and love. He modeled all of these things during His life as a human being.

2. Jesus died for us. As both God and man, Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He took on the punishment we deserved and washed away all our sins

3. Jesus was resurrected for us. If the cross reminds us how Jesus washed away our ugly past, the empty tomb represents our new life and how we now live as a part of His kingdom. This means we should be busy with kingdom work. That brings us to the final part of all of this..

4. We’re not supposed to keep this a secret! What Jesus did for us is available to anyone who will believe. Faith comes from hearing. That means you telling someone the Good News about Jesus or inviting them to hear the Word of God at Villa Heights.

These 4 things rocked this world and the spiritual realm to its foundations!

It’s the most important thing to ever happen on planet Earth. Our world changed dramatically after these events occurred. The book of Acts is about people just like us telling others about Jesus.

Do you know someone who needs to hear or be reminded about how Jesus has saved lives and changed the world?

The final way you can prepare for Easter is to think about who you could invite to our Resurrection Sunday Worship Service on March 31st. It could save a life!

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